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Alpha Sign Company is a local vehicle wrap provider located in Alpharetta, GA. We work with businesses, individuals, corporations, and agencies who need fleet vehicle wraps, vinyl wraps, ad wraps and more. Our team of experienced professionals know how to design effective, engaging vehicle wraps that incorporate your unique message.

Custom truck wrap

Creating high-quality vehicle wrap or car graphics is a process that requires trained professionals. Vehicle wrap design should rely on clear communication and attention to detail. Our clients have come to trust Alpha Sign Company’s proven ability to deliver successful vehicle wraps and graphics. Vehicle vinyl graphics and auto wraps are one of the most impactful forms of advertising – if installed correctly!

We begin every vehicle wrap project with a free consultation, which will include an evaluation of the vehicle to be wrapped (including obtaining dimensions and project scope).

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Custom Vehicle Wraps

Alpha Sign Company is a highly-rated manufacturer of custom vehicle wraps for clients in Alpharetta.

Commonly cited as one of the best ways to promote your business, attractive and eye-catching vehicle wraps serve as a continual advertisement for your business. Transforming your fleet vehicles or business car into a mobile advertisement can earn you a huge boost in market visibility. You’ll want to be sure, however, that you get your ad wrap just right. Poorly designed or installed vehicle wraps may be harmful to your business image.

Custom Vehicle WrapBranded fleet vehicles can be a powerful force for your company. Many businesses rely on service vehicles to perform day to day operations, such as delivery companies, trailers for road transport, and personal corporate cars. Branded fleet vehicles provide both visibility and company authority. For businesses that provide services, such as housekeepers, contractors, and lawn care specialists, a client may feel more comfortable with you if the vehicle you arrive in sports the name of the company they hired. We create wraps that are complementary to your existing outdoor signs and indoor signs for your business, allowing you to create a cohesive brand impression across all marketing platforms.

Custom ad wraps can be designed at three coverage levels – full, partial, and individual graphics. View some of our automobile wraps below:

Each vehicle wrap starts with a free consultation so that our sign experts can meet with you and discuss your project.

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Wrap Coverage Options

Alpha Sign Company can wrap any vehicle. We offer full wraps, partial wraps, and custom vehicle graphics.

Consider Alpha Sign Company your resource when it comes to vehicle wraps and graphics. We work with any size project and every budget. We provide many options for branding your vehicle’s effectively and economically. Our team is happy to meet with you to discuss what option may work best for your company car or fleet!

We offer several vehicle wrap options so that no matter your desired level of coverage or budget, we can provide a promotional opportunity for you.

Full Vehicle Wraps

Bus Wrap

Full vehicle wraps offer seamless coverage and maximum visibility. Any design elements, colors, graphics, or messages can be incorporated into your full vehicle wrap. Our vehicle wrap design team will craft a layout that represents your brand and meets your budget. Not only that, but full vehicle wraps provide an extra layer of protection against road wear and weather elements.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wrap

If you like the look of a seamless wrap, but don’t need a full vehicle wrap, a partial vehicle wrap is a great option. Partial vehicle wraps cover between 30-70% of the surface of a vehicle. We can design a partial vehicle wrap to focus on a certain spot on your automobile, such as wrapping the hood, tailgate or door. Once we have an understanding of the type of design you’d like for your vehicle wrap, we can recommend coverage areas. Partial wraps are a great economical option for companies who may find the investment in a full vehicle wrap to be out of their price range.

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics & Magnets

Vinyl Lettering

Individual graphic elements are a great way to quickly identify your fleet or individual work vehicle. Cut vinyl graphics are single elements that can be applied in specific spots on your car. Examples include logos, cut vinyl lettering, monograms, window wrapping, and small advertisements.

We can also produce removable door magnets that allow you to easily remove and replace your graphics at any time. These are ideal for contractors who may perform services under multiple brands, or for those who live in signage restricted neighborhoods that make a wrap impractical.

Vehicle Personalization

Vehicle wrapping and graphics can give the effect of a custom paint job.

Personal Car WrapCustom paint jobs can be costly. At Alpha Sign Company we work with individuals to personalize cars and other vehicles, such as boats, with effects that look as good as custom paint jobs! Alpha Sign Company’s experienced staff can design elements that blend in seamlessly with your vehicle. Examples of the personalization we can offer to personal cars include pinstriping, paint effects, color change wraps, and vinyl lettering.

Our team can’t wait to speak with you about the many options our vinyl wrapping shop offers. Contact Alpha Sign Company today at 470-252-8008 for more information about vehicle personalization.

FAQ: Vehicle Wraps and Vinyl Graphics

Will a vinyl vehicle wrap damage my vehicle?  

Custom Van WrapVehicles whose paint is in good condition will not be damaged by a vinyl vehicle wrap or graphics that are individually applied. Before wrap installation, we will request that the vehicle to be wrapped is clean and free of wax buildup. This helps us ensure that your vehicle wrap will last as long as possible and be applied smoothly.

Our customers are usually happy to learn that vinyl wraps often protect vehicle surfaces from road wear and weather conditions. Full vehicle wraps often the most protection.

What is a vehicle wrap made from?

Vehicle wraps are made from high-quality, heavy-duty vinyl. Vinyl is the top choice for auto wraps and vehicle graphics. At Alpha Sign Company, we take the extra step to apply a laminate to your finished vinyl wrap that will protect it from UV damage, prolonging the life of your car wrap. Our vehicle wraps specialist will utilize the type of vinyl that works best for each project. Most commercial fleet graphics are constructed from standard cast and calendared film vinyl.

How long will my vehicle wrap from Alpha Sign Company last?

Partial Wrap

Longevity depends on many factors, including how your project is constructed and the weather elements that your wrap is exposed to. On average, vehicle wraps will last anywhere from 3-7 years. Auto wrap durability will be affected by the coverage of your wrapping project, as full wraps tend to be more long-lasting than partial or individual graphics. Alpha Sign Company can construct semi-permanent or temporary vinyl graphics, which are useful for information on automobiles or fleet vehicles that may need to be changed out at regular intervals.

If you’d like to get the most out of your vehicle wrap, you can schedule regular auto wrap services from Alpha Sign Company. Our team will assess your wrapped vehicle and provide minor maintenance to maintain the look of your auto wrap.

What types of vehicles can be wrapped?

Alpha Sign Company offers custom vehicle wrapping for automobiles, trailer graphics, van wraps, boat graphics, box truck vinyl wraps, and more. Each vehicle wrap project will begin with a free consultation. During your initial consultation, designers will take measurements and obtain information specific to the automobile that is to be wrapped to ensure a perfect design and fit.

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Who installs my vehicle wrap?  

arctic air custom box truck wrap

Alpha Sign Company employs a special team of Alpharetta vehicle wrap installation technicians. Full and partial vehicle wraps need to be installed by a professional to ensure the best results. Individual graphic elements can be installed by the customer in some cases. Once your vehicle wrap has been produced, our team will contact you to schedule installation.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

We are excited to work with you on taking your business marketing mobile and increasing your brand visibility with Alpharetta custom vehicle wraps. 

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