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Alpha Sign Company offers high-quality indoor signage to local clients.  

Custom LIghted Interior Lobby Sign

Every business utilizes indoor signage, be it for branding, product promotion, building or campus wayfinding, or ADA/accessibility signage.

Indoor signs can be adhered to walls, glass, and flooring or hung from ceilings in the form of indoor banners. Not all Alpharetta businesses will need signs on every surface, but our sign experts can assist you in determining what type of interior signs would work best for you.

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Types of Indoor Signage

Custom Lobby SignsPopular functions for indoor signs include corporate branding, commercial promotions, directional signage for campuses, and retail sign packages (including point of purchase signs). Alpha Sign Company offers lots of options when it comes to indoor sign types, and during your initial consultation, we will make product recommendations to you.

Our indoor sign products include:

Need exterior signs as well? We create all the signs your business needs for a complete, branded look both inside and out!

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 Office Signage

An office environment benefits from indoor signs that educate, navigate, and enrich employees.

Office signs serve a variety of important functions for businesses. Indoor signs may educate a visitor on what business they are visiting, or they may inform employees and clients of brand and corporate values. Utilizing lobby signage, vinyl wall graphics,  and hanging banners effectively brands an office environment. Another key function of interior signs in an office is to direct users. Imagine an office without any room markers or directory signage? It would be pretty difficult to navigate such a space. Finally, office signage may enrich employee experience by adding aesthetic value, brand implementation, or positive messaging through a work environment.

Many offices also need to utilize ADA and accessibility signage in order to remain compliant with Federal and State legislation. We can even engrave braille signage. The team at Alpha Sign Company works with local business owners to design complete office signage packages that are 100% customizable.

Signs for Retail Stores and Restaurants

From promotional signage to menu boards, Alpha Sign Company is a complete resource for retail and restaurant signage.

For retail businesses and food service establishments, a different approach to indoor signage is needed. Your indoor signs may serve the purpose of promoting sales or specials, informing customers about your products, and identifying important areas of the business (such as restrooms or the check-out counter). Additionally, indoor signs can answer some repetitive questions so that your employees don’t have to. For instance, posting your return policy or wi-fi network information gives customers vital answers to common questions, which in turn allows your staff to focus on other projects.

The professional team at Alpha Sign Company offers many types of signs that enhance retail spaces and restaurants. We can create hanging banners, product displays, window clings, and all types of promotional signage for stores. Restaurants appreciate our custom menu board package, directional signage, check-out/order area signage, and point-of-sale signs.

Commercial Business Signage

Your business doesn’t have to be open to the public to utilize beneficial indoor signage.

Much like office space signage, Alpharetta commercial signs can serve several enhancing purposes to warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other businesses that may be closed to the public. You may find that bright, visual graphics on walls can serve as focal points to your staff, thus giving you a channel for corporate messaging. You’ll also want to take advantage of ADA, accessibility, and OSHA-compliant signage to ensure that your business meets Federal, State, and local requirements. This may be as simple as identifying restrooms and safety / hazardous work zones. Our sign experts will assist you in determining what type of commercial sign package will best suit your business.  

Free Indoor Signs Consultation

Alpha Sign Company is committed to giving you the very best Alpharetta, GA sign experience. We are enthusiastic about working with you on your indoor sign needs.

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