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Alpha Sign Company creates unique and durable outdoor signs for customers in Alpharetta.

custom promotional window vinylYour exterior signage is a key element in attracting clients. Your logo building sign, window graphics, and promotional signs all tell a potential customer a lot about your business.

They can tell how invested you are in the success of your business, and whether or not you have anything to offer that they may be interested in. Effective signage is key to conveying to your customers exactly why they should enter your business and convincing them to do so.

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Storefront & Promotional Signs

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Whatever type of sign you need, the experts at Alpha Sign Company can help you! Lighted signs, channel letter signs, storefront signage, neon signs, and outdoor banners are just some of the more recognizable types of outdoor signage that we do. Large and impactful, storefront signs are a great way to improve the visibility and branding of your business. We provide attractive backlit channel letters, dimensional letters, and more!

Our outdoor sign projects include assisting our clients with each component of exterior sign manufacturing. We also offer long-term maintenance and repair programs to clients so that they can maintain attractive exterior signage. If our customers are happy, then so are we!

A Guide To Outdoor Signage

The sign experts at Alpha Sign Company have some useful advice for you to consider before your next outdoor project.  

Sign Placement is Paramount.

Vertical Sign

Where an outdoor sign is going to be installed dictates a lot about a project. Small, narrow storefronts may benefit from vertical signs, while other areas may need a UV-protected outdoor awning. Placement can affect material, size, and the type of outdoor sign you select. There is no shortage of outdoor sign options offered by Alpha Sign Company, so no matter where your finished sign will be placed, we will make sure you are happy with your sign.

Signs Say More Than You Think.

Projecting Sign, Hanging Sign

Signs are the face of your business. For that reason, many owners want to put in a lot of time considering how the sign they select will represent their store. We find it helpful to consider an exterior sign as an advertisement for your business. When you approach your project this way, it’s easier to identify the message behind the sign.

Does your business focus on an artisan experience? A custom sign made from a non-traditional material or with unusual finishes, may be best for you. Are you hoping to promote a special going on in your store? Than you’ll want to make sure that the outdoor banner or sidewalk sign your choose blends cohesively with the other signs in your business – other wise customers may be confused.

Investigate Sign Permitting and Regulations.  

Awning Sign

When beginning an outdoor sign project, you should research the sign permitting process for and any local codes or ordinances that may affect your project. In some cases, signage ordinances can dictate colors of text or background, types of material, and how a sign is installed. It is helpful to understand these specifications on the onset of your project to avoid costly fixes if your sign is produced and found to be non-compliant.

Our outdoor sign team assists clients with the sign permitting process. We will also help you decipher an code or ordinance language that affects your signs. As one of the highest-rated sign companies in Alpharetta, GA, Alpha Sign Company is very familiar with some of the local regulations affecting exterior signage.  

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Signs That Market Your Business!

Alpha Sign Company offers a wide range of outdoor sign types that work well for industrial, commercial businesses, corporations, office parks, campuses and more!

Alpha Sign Company is a local Alpharetta , full-service provider of complete business signage. Outdoor signs serve many purposes, and in many instances, they are used to market a company. A-frame signs, flag signs, building signs, vehicle wraps, and outdoor banners are just some of the popular marketing signage offered by Alpha Sign Company.

Our full selection of outdoor signs includes:

Alpha Sign Company also manufactures cohesive indoor signs!

Free Outdoor Signs Consultation

We are excited about the opportunity to create attractive outdoor signs for your business, and look forward to discussing your signage needs.

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