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Do you know how important your building facade or storefront is in helping you to make a thrilling first impression on the viewers?

Outdoor SignsOur building signs expert Alpharetta team at Alpha Sign Company can help you make an outstanding first impression each and every time!

Professional, good-looking building signs can help you step out of the crowd of businesses, attracting people to focus on your products or services, and therefore enabling you to make more money. Whether you need to attract more people with compelling promotional signs or you simply want to build your brand, we can create, manufacture and install the perfect building sign to help you reach your goals.

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The Right Sign For Your Building

Building SignEvery business has its own requirements in regard to the design and the materials of their building signs. The personality of your brand, the available space and the profile of your target consumer will all influence how your sign will look and feel.

Our professional building sign consultants will undergo an on-site evaluation, in order to measure your space, to assess your building, and to find the best materials and signage elements to suit your specific conditions and requirements. We take care of all stages of the signage making process, from design to creation and installation. We also handle maintenance and repairs, and we are happy to assist with permitting for your new building sign, if required.

Types of Building Signs

Wall SignThere are several sign types our experts are most prone to recommending you. We always take into consideration your Alpharetta business type and your location, so that we can determine which type of signage would be right for you. We may recommend signage which is complementary or contrasting with the other architectural elements in your neighborhood. Our ultimate goal is to make your business appear different than anything else in a busy landscape, attracting all looks, and making people want to know more about your products or services.

We create all our signage from scratch. This is how we ensure that your business is going to have a unique look and feel, even when using a channel letter sign, just like all other businesses around.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Custom Channel Letter Building SignChannel letter signs are our most recommended option, the reason being the versatility of this solution in terms of font, color and style. Chanel letters and dimensional letters can also include numbers, logos or shapes. Thanks to their durability, these signs are perfectly suitable for a wide range of businesses such as retail stores, services providers and industrial facilities. Channel letters can have lighting inside, as they have one transparent side. Dimensional letters are usually made from a single sheet of metal, but they can be backlit for enhancing their effect on the viewers.

Lighted Signs

Lighted SignLighted building signs make your business visible day and night. There are many different types of building signs that can either be back lit or lighted from inside. Channel letter signs are usually backlit, while cabinet signs contain a lighting element inside. These signs are the best solution for businesses that are open late to let passersby that they exist. If you run such a business, you should use lighted signs to attract customers after the nightfall.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs & Blade Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignYou can name them as you like, but these signs are the ones that are perpendicular to the walls rather than attached to them. They can be backlit cabinet signs, but they can also be manufactured from a wide range of materials such as wood, metal or plastic. They are very effective in stopping walkers, and they are often used together with storefront signs. They are also very effective when used as directional signs for businesses that don’t have a storefront.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Custom Building Sign & Awning SignAwning signs offer both a way of making your business visible to potential customers and a storefront protector. Most of the time, awning signs are made of a stretched canvas, but they can be manufactured from any kind of fabric or sheet metal. We always recommend materials that are weather resistant and durable, as they tend to look like new for a very long time. Awning signs have the ability to provide your business a boutique-like and romantic feel.

Free Building Sign Consultation

Alpha Sign Company LogoAlpha Sign Company is happy to create the perfect building sign for your Alpharetta business. We know how to make people fall in love with your business at first sight, and we are ready to do it for you.

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