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Keep your car looking as shiny as the day you got it with impact-resistant, invisible vinyl paint protection film by Alpha Sign Company!

Vehicles represent a large investment for both an individual or a corporation, and proper maintenance and care is required for maximum longevity. While a smart vehicle owner takes measures to ensure their brakes last as long as possible and that they are keeping their engines healthy with regular oil changes, most drivers do very little to protect the parts of their vehicles that take the brunt of the road wear- the paint!

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Rocks, bug splatter, mineral deposits, sunshine, bird droppings, and other environmental and manufactured elements can all take a toll on the quality of your paint job, leaving dents, dings, fading, discolorations, and even rust or corrosion. With automotive paint protective films, car bras, and vehicle wraps, you can literally create a defensive shield for your fleet.

Protecting your factory paint job is vitally important to ensuring your vehicle retains value as well as a certain level of professionalism, especially if you are using it to represent your business. Alpha Sign Company provides an array of affordable vinyl solutions for protecting your vehicle from road damage while also making it easier to clean and maintain.

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Levels of Protective Wraps

protective clear bra applicationThere are different levels of car paint protection coverage, with or without print or graphics. We can provide protection to individual areas of your vehicle or complete coverage, depending on your personal style, budget, and vehicle type. A full-service wrap and graphics provider, we offer complete design, manufacturing, and installation services to ensure you have the right high-quality protective elements for your individual needs.

Looking for ceramic paint protection? We also offer ceramic pro paint protection film, which adds another layer of coverage to your vehicle. Regardless of the area or level of coverage you desire from your car protection film, we will deliver the right solution for you.

Spot Protection & Clear Bras

vehicle paint protective film application areasThe clear bra is another type of vehicle protection film, and is the most popular choice for spot protection, covering the hood and front bumper of the vehicle where road damage is most likely to occur. Invisible bras are created using a durable, high-impact resistant and self-healing Scotchguard 3m vinyl film to reduce damage to the vehicle with minimal impact on the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.

Additional protective vinyl elements are also commonly applied to door handles, door edges, trunks, painted mirror backs, wheel wells and fenders, rocker panels, and other areas that are commonly touched or more likely to suffer damage or wear from long-term vehicle use.

Complete Coverage & Color Changes

vehicle color changeSimilar to a full vehicle wrap, Alpha Sign Company can apply a complete clear wrap to your entire vehicle for maximum protection. If you are looking for a style update to go along with your protective layer, we also have a large selection of tinted protective film for vehicle color changes.

If you use your vehicle for business purposes, then a graphic or printed vehicle wrap, complete with your corporate marketing message, is a great option for providing protection while improving your business visibility!

Free Expert Consultation

Alpha Sign Company provides the right options for your automotive paint protection film or ceramic car protection needs. With prices far better than dealerships are able to offer and fast turnaround time, Alpha Sign Company is the obvious choice. From car bras to entire vehicle wraps and graphics for any vehicle type, from single vehicles to entire fleets, we are your one-stop vinyl supplier.

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