Alpharetta Channel Letters

Channel (and dimensional) letters are very popular building signs across all business types and industries. They are very versatile and flexible, which allows for extreme customization to suit any branding guidelines and personal design needs.

custom channel lettersWhether you are searching for flat dimension letters, illuminated signs, or a custom sign, Alpha Sign Company can use channel letters to create the perfect sign for you. We are your local Alpharetta provider of professional signs, promising to provide you with quality designs, stellar services, and above par sign fabrication services.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignWe can comfortably state that channel letters signs are the most popular and most requested storefront sign. They are basically 3-dimensional signs and elements are created by forming metal into the needed shapes, letters, numbers, figures, images, and even symbols. Thereafter, the formed elements are aligned and placed on a backing frame such as a raceway or a wireway. Alternatively, they can be flush-mounted onto a wall of your building. Finally, the entire channel sign is covered with an acrylic cover of any transparency level and color as you need.

Importantly, Alpharetta, GA businesses can use channel letters to spell out their slogans, names, and if you fancy it, you can include your logo. Essentially, we can hand-form channels to create any icon or image as part of your logo. For further customizations, we provide a variety of colors, fonts, and sizes, styles to our clients.

These types of signs are popular for businesses such as malls, shopping centers, schools, manufacturing facilities, churches, retails stores, office buildings, and any other business that needs an eye-catching signage.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Dimensional letter signs and channel letter signs are quite similar. They both consist of individually created elements. However, while channel letters are made of an empty channel inside (the channel that allows illumination), the dimensional signs are made entirely of sheets of metal, acrylic, or other metals. As for customization, there are many fonts, sizes, and styles that can be used. Additionally, variance in material thickness is used to control the dimensional look of your sign from almost flat to very deep signs.

At Alpha Sign Company, we create eye-catching dimensional letters signs which match and suit your brand while at the same time focusing on their durability.

Dimensional signs are perfect for various businesses, including offices, malls, manufacturing, offices and much more. They are also perfect for lobby signs and indoor signs.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted Sign

To further improve the quality and effectiveness of your channel letter signs, you should add LED lighting. The additional lighting allows the signs to be seen easily during the day when the weather conditions are not good and all through night time.

As such, your business can attract new customers unimpeded. With this in mind, you can appreciate the important role that backlit channel signs can play for you during the evening and night hours. These systems are perfect for theaters, bars, comedy clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores and other businesses that operate night time.

Alpha Sign Company has expertise in handling all aspect of channel signs, including securing the sign, installing the sign electrical system safely, and the cleanup that follows the installation.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

If you are looking to add channel or dimensional signs as part of your Alpharetta business marketing and branding efforts, we are happy to help you. We endeavor to provide high-quality services and products and we are dedicated to helping you all through the project. We are the right signage company for you if you are looking for a lifetime partner to cater for your signage needs.

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